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Startupcenter is a consortium of Industry Veterans in the field of Technology, Finance, Sales & Marketing and Failed Startup Entrepreneurs some of them are Mentors in Startups Accelerators

Startupcenter targets the Management and Technology Institutes to mentor the budding Startups to take the right direction, they teach from their rich domain, industry and startup experience. Digital Marketing is a key tool for Startups who are cash starved and yet they need to tell their story, build brand, get customers. Startupcenter takes courses in all relevant field of Startups starting from Technology, strategy and digital marketing .Experts take courses in their relevant fields and some of the top startups are introduced to Angel Investors.

Courses are conducted on the Institute Campus at convenient hours of students so that their normal class timings are not disrupted

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Real-World Education For Morden Marketers.
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Special Courses on Educational Institutes on Startups and Digital Marketing. Expert guidance in Fintech , IOT , Blockchain and MLM technologies. Startup Business Plans –A2Z of Business Plans. Startup Networking with Angels.

Domain Experts on Startups , Financial Plans , Sales & Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing. Special Packages for Management and Engineering Colleges. Experts with minimum 25 years Industry Domain Expertise.